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Services Solutions

Advanced services for today’s complex networks. Motorola Services collaborates with you to meet the needs of your organization and your end users. We deliver solutions that span all aspects of your end-to end network, extending to user devices. For government entities, reliability and quality are not merely important — they are vital. For more than 80 years, Motorola has been a global leader in communications for federal, state and local government, public safety and public service entities. We have integrated government networks across both geographic and technology boundaries, providing improved reach, performance and reliability at the same time.

Beyond “Break/Fix”: Motorola’s Comprehensive Services Lifecycle

Offers measurable out-tasking, outsourcing and hosting options
  • P25 Managed Zone Core hosting service
  • Network Management Services
  • Consultation and advisory services
  • Site surveys
  • Coverage augmentation
  • Managed deployment and integration of
    new systems
  • Upgrades and enhancements
  • Equipment installation
  • System optimization
  • Spectrum management
  • Technical support and training on existing systems
  • Subscriber and system component
  • Onsite response services
  • Upgrades and alignments
  • Software updates
  • Radio rental
Identifies vulnerabilities and closes
security gaps in network systems,
policies, and procedures
  • Network Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • Information Assurance

Our broad service portfolio allows you to create customized
solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Robert , maybe we need some text here describing what the Flat Rate Pricing Reference Sheet is all about

Flat Rate Pricing Reference Sheet

The Subscriber Serial Identifier is a chart to help determine the age, type and factory where your radio was built:

Subscriber Serial Identifier Chart